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AASI-3 for Men and Women

The Abel Assessment for sexual interest-3™ (AASI-3) is an empirically-validated, comprehensive evaluation and treatment assessment system for clinicians to use with adult men and women with sexual behavior problems.
aasi-2 for boys and girls

AASI-2 for Boys and Girls

The Abel Assessment for sexual interest-2™ (AASI-2) is a complex assessment used by clinicians to evaluate adolescents and teens (ages 12-17) with sexual behavior problems.


The Abel–Blasingame Assessment System for individuals with intellectual disabilities™ (ABID) is like the AASI-3, but uniquely adapted for clinicians to use with clients who have special needs.

The Diana Screen®

The Diana Screen® is an easy to use, computer-based, pre-hire/volunteer risk management screen that keeps children and teens safe from sexual abuse and sexual boundary violations.

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  • The AASI is an invaluable component of our sex offender treatment program. Results from the AASI have helped inform our assessment of offenders' risk, while contributing to our recommendations regarding appropriate guidelines and limitations for offenders. Having the AASI 'in-house' allows us timely and flexible assessment of our own sex offender clients as well as allowing us to provide comprehensive evaluations for the courts and other treatment programs in our area.
    Richard Cohan, Ph.D.
    Sexual Abuse Services of the North Bay
    Napa, California
  • In 2010 Friends for Youth became the first mentoring program in the United States to adopt The Diana Screen® as part of our existing comprehensive screening process for applicants. The safety and well-being of children and adolescents is our top priority, and The Diana Screen® is a helpful tool to assist us in selecting the best candidates to volunteer in our program. We highly recommend The Diana Screen® for all youth-serving agencies.
    Rebecca Cooper,
    Executive Director
    Friends for Youth, Inc.
  • The Abel Assessment for sexual interest™ has been an integral part of my practice for 12 years. I am impressed with the ongoing research that keeps the test on the cutting edge. The technical support and service at Abel Screening is great.
    Pam Hiner, Psy.D.
    Treatment & Evaluation Services
    Aurora, Colorado
  • I have used the Abel Assessment for sexual interest™ over 200 times in my private practice. It has been a very useful assessment device. It has provided necessary information for both treatment plans and for testifying in court.  
    Paul Kradel, Ph.D.
  • We believe strongly that if we can do something to prevent harm to the children and youth we work with, then we are obligated to do so. That something is The Diana Screen®. The Diana Screen® helps Anu to protect children from sexual abuse, sexual boundary violations, and their devastating consequences.
    Amelia Franck Meyer,
    Anu Family Services