Licensed AASI Clinicians

The following clinical practices offer Abel Assessment for Sexual Interest evaluation and treatment tools.

The Abel Assessment for sexual interest–3™ for Men and Women (AASI-3), The Abel Assessment for sexual interest–2™ for Boys and Girls ages 12-17 (AASI-2), and The Abel–Blasingame Assessment System for individuals with intellectual disabilities™ (ABID) are administered exclusively by mental health professionals licensed by Abel Screening. If you are a mental health or legal professional with clients who can benefit from the AASI-3, AASI-2 or ABID evaluations, we encourage you to contact these clinical centers directly.

United States
To find a clinical practice utilizing Abel Assessment Systems near you, please click on a state on the map below for a listing of provider(s).

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Please note the listings are not a complete list of all clinical practices using The Abel Assessment Systems. Listed here are only those clinical practices that have requested being listed publicly as accepting referrals. There are many other clinical practices not listed here using The Abel Assessment Systems across North America.

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