ASI Resident Assessment for Juvenile Justice

“Within 72 hours of the resident’s arrival at the facility…the agency shall obtain
and use information about each resident’s personal history and behavior to reduce
the risk of sexual abuse by or upon a resident
PREA Standard 115.341(a)

ASIRA-Logo-1The ASI Resident Assessment gathers details on the two areas of most concern to PREA in keeping residents safe, and promoting a zero tolerance environment:
1.  A resident’s threat of abusing others
2.  A resident’s vulnerability to victimization

The ASI Resident Assessment collects information including:
✔ Resident history of sexually abusive behavior
✔ Current charges and offense history
✔ Sexual victimization trauma scale
✔ Risk scale for re-victimization
✔ Identification as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or intersex

The ASI Resident Assessment:
✔ Is evidenced-based
✔ Is easy to use, and is administered online by intake staff
✔ Collects data on all aspects of resident’s risk to abuse or risk of victimization
✔ Contains all PREA required information in one document

For more information about The ASI Resident Assessment, call 1.404.874.4772.